OnePlatform page and website constructor
The online engine of your automotive business
Landing page and complete website consructor to serve any needs of digital marketing and retailing. Publish your showroom, special offers, actual stock, create lead-generating landing pages.
Manage all dealership network or holding websites from a single point of control.
Размещайте автомобили в наличии
Создавайте динамичные лендинги
Выгружайте карточки товаров на другие площадки
Настраивайте SEO
Одним кликом устанавливайте дополнительные модули, подключайте виджеты и скрипты Партнеров.
Your website is ready: add your content, pick functional modules, setup SEO and start selling online
A set of reliable turnkey solutions to meet any E-commerce business needs
Integration with any DMS and CRM systems, end-to-end content management from a single panel
Instant Launch
Ease of use
Setup your website and integrations with zero code and no tech knowledge
You can easely assemble a website for your needs using a visial block editor. Just drag and drop the block you need from the list into the page.
Landing page efficiency comparison
Landing on OnePlatform
Agency custom made Landing
Loading speed
1.4 sec
2.7 sec
Data security
Web forms
- car order
- prepayment
- loan application
- trade-in application
- call back
- lead form

- call back
- lead form
Support and updates
- automatic price and product updates
- no extra cost

- manual price and product updates
- time and budget consuming
Self text and image updating
Every dealer can turn its website into a 24/7 online marketplace with our stock locator
  • New and used vehicle stock
  • Search by dosen of parameters
  • Rich VDPs with high conversion rate
  • Apply benefits to car price
  • Live photos, videos and 3d-panoramas
  • Live import from DMS
  • Export to classifieds
Digital Retailing Platform
Smart Contract
  • A single interface for manager and client to configure deal terms online
  • Car booking with or without online payment
Modules and Services
Drag-n-drop added to any page

  • Loan calculator with bank approval
  • Insurance calculator
  • Trade-in appraisal
  • Prepayment
Technological Advantages
of a Website on OnePlatform
SSR-architecture which pre-renders all pages in our powerful cloud plus React frontend significantly reduce loading and interaction times, making the website to respond instantly
Each website comes with a block editor allowing dealers to add their own blocks and texts on any centrally updated pages vastly improving SEO optimisation
An easy to use content management system that allows to add and edit content and page structure with no special knowledge or coding
All pre-rendered pages are stored and delivered via CDN network. Even with core systems down the website will stay available with 99,9% uptime
Lightning Fast
Agile and Traffic-Generating
Intuitive CMS
Fail Tolerant
Import and Export
Top standarts of client service, omnichannel client support system, including chat and SLA-based task tracker
Instant support via chat
SLA-based task tracker
Broad knowledge bases allow to self-complete most of the tasks
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